All about SimCity Buildit

In all the strategy games, the SimCity Buildit is one of the hottest app today which is in NEWS. Whether it is for kids or adults everyone loves to play them and enjoy the experience of the same.

  • The best part of the games application is that it is available on all the platforms ranging from the android to IOS this makes the same as a unique and one of the easily accessible application in the market. The features of the applications are many but most importantly that you have fun is just a move away that is I your pocket.
  • The game is about the building the city and to earn the maximum in as short span of time, the idea of the game is enough to entice the players to themselves. As it is a kind of virtual city that you need to create and to earn simultaneously as well too.
  • The Android interface of the application is very beautiful and on the other hand, the IOS application is also not less and it works well on both of them, as the game providers have a strong backend to run the game so that players will not face any kind of hassle while playing the game.
  • If you are sporty enough to put everything set stake and take tough decisions then this is the game for you as it will help you in making the most and will also make you strong in taking some of the decision of your life.

Did the Game has a learning factor attached?

Yeah, the games do have a learning factor that helps them get in touch with their viewers they teach them priorities, how to manage the teams , to work as a team player and the most importantly how to be the leader and lead the team towards the goals.

These things seem small carries lots of values in the life as these qualities are required in day to day live and people who lack faces lots of problem due to their lag behind behaviors.

simcity buildit hack toolBeing a team player is very important in your personal and professional lives as it helps you in mixing with your family members and your teams at your workplace as well.

A good tool to use is Simcity Buildit hack which will help you getting simoleons and simcash in no time.

Can the cheats and hacks be of great help for you while playing the game?

The cheats and hacks are for your viability they can be of great help for you in scoring the amount that you have always thought off but have been quite difficult to achieve for you. So these cheats and hacks are readily available online to help you out in these cases. They should be well reviewed about before using as they should be well tested otherwise it can also harm your device. So take care of these precautions.

Whenever you have a spare time do spend the same in these games so that you can learn a lot from them and can adopt the feeling into your real life.

Will We Be Allowed to Wear Google Glass Anywhere?

Google Glass hasn’t been released yet and already places are in an uproar about privacy concerns. This happens all of the time with game changing technology. People don’t like change and there are no social norms around the use of the product, because nobody has experienced anything quite like it before. I’m probably dating myself a bit, but I remember when cell phone were first started to move into the mainstream. There were several restaurants and places that placed bans on them because they felt that people using them disturbed other patrons. As they started to incorporate cameras, there were some event venues that wouldn’t allow them in. I don’t think that should be of any real concern to Google or the people looking to purchase Google Glass.


Much like the attention that incorporates anything to do with privacy these days, the media will make a big deal of it for a news cycle and people will adjust and then continue to use the product. If people really cared about privacy, we wouldn’t have things like facebook or Google Plus. There will be some initial saber rattling from privacy groups. A state or two may pass a law that will promptly be ignored. The media will get to write a story or two about some jerk who broke somebody’s Google Glass because he was worried that his privacy was being invaded. Then some other new piece of tech will come along, and we will focus our worries on that.

Are you concerned that there won’t be any place you will be able to wear your expensive new Google Glasses too. Do the privacy issues associated with Google Glass concern you? Let me know in the comments below.

Google Glass will be banned in Las Vegas (via The Inquirer)

AUGMENTED REALITY EYEWEAR Google Glass has been prospectively banned in more places ahead of its release, as its surveillance capabilities trigger more concerns. While some thought news of a Seattle bar banning Google Glass was little more than a PR stunt, it seems not, as yet more firms have preemptively…

Computer Games in Our Lives

Several decades ago, video games were only available for playing on gaming consoles. It used to come with a set of two remote controls and gaming cassettes. Today, however, computers have taken over the world. Computer gaming is nothing but video gaming on a personal computer instead of a gaming console. Today, there are games exclusively designed and developed for computers, besides the games that were only meant for consoles. The first computer game ever introduced was Spacewar which depicted the earliest form of computer graphics. However, mainly, the computer games back then mostly involved text adventures which set them apart from normal arcade games.

Gaming in each day life

The popularity for computer gaming experienced a sudden boost, owing to the loss of interest console games, coupled with lower prices for personal computers in the market. Also, a phase of uninteresting or bad games on the console shifted the preference for games to computers over consoles. Later, with the introduction of the Nintendo Entertainment System, the increased popularity slowed down a little but never stopped. The introduction of the mouse in computers made logical sense for graphic games. Slowly, computer gaming regained its popular stand with games like King’s Quest series, Wolfenstein 3D and Tomb Raider. However, the gaming industry was relatively static until 1996. More and more games were being developed, each better than the previous one, owing to the increasing processing power of the computers. Developed softwares and creative minds together worked towards changing the face of the computer gaming 360 degrees. Modifications in the computers also led to better graphics and improvement in the gaming industry.

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By the end of the millennium, computer gaming market underwent a huge expansion and gaming became one of the main reasons for owning a personal computer. With the advancement in technology, games became more interestingly complex and the developers began to experiment new methods of interface that set computer gaming apart from gaming consoles. Warcraft, Starcraft, Command and Conquer, Black & White and the most popular game of all times – The Sims, are all examples of this era of computer gaming. The invention of online role-playing games was the next milestone in computer gaming industry. More and more game and software developers are coming up with new types of games which are creating a rage in the market. One after the other, online games are taking over the leisure time of the masses. Today, computer gaming makes full use of the high speed internet and its increased processing power to provide advanced graphical games to the vast majority of population who are addicted to computer gaming. The computer gaming also provides gamers with large options of games to choose from. There are recreational games, detective games, shooting games, word games, card games and the list goes on. These games create a craze for them in the market and before one even realises, another game starts to dominate the minds of the gamers. With the internet’s growing popularity, hundreds and thousands of people engage in virtual world games. This has made the computer gaming industry a booming market worldwide as well as a social revolution in itself.


How to make great games?

So where do I start?

Tetris is the perfect game to begin your journey on the path to becoming an able bodied game developer. Why? Because Tetris contains the all the elements found in every game, and can be done with just about the least amount of work. Also, you don’t have to be an artist to make a good looking Tetris game. Anyone who can draw a block, which is everyone with a paint program, can make a commercial quality version of Tetris.

This is another one of the big benefits of starting with Tetris. Not only can you make a fully functioning game, that is fun and addictive, but it looks basically just as good as any commercial version done of it. Blocks are blocks no matter who draws them, and tetraminos (the shapes used in Tetris) are all just a collection of four blocks.

Tetris has all the individual components that ALL games share in common. It has a game loop (the process of repeating over and over until the game is quit). The game loop reads in input, processes the input, updates the elements of the game (the falling tetraminos), and checks for victory/loss conditions.

Every single game you will ever make does all of these things, so learning the process and actually implementing it is extremely important. After you have completed this the first time, it will give you an insight into how hard it will be and how long it may take on future games. Without having done this all the way, at least once, you will never fully have a proper grasp of each of the elements. When you have larger projects, there will be more unknowns that you can’t judge for in complexity and time. If you don’t even fully understand the entire process because you have failed to DO it, you will likely be helpless to create schedules or estimate times properly and will most likely not succeed at the endeavor.

What’s next?

After you finish your Breakout masterpiece you should move on to making Pac-Man. Pac-Man is an evolutionary step because it adds in the element of enemy artificial intelligence (AI). You may not have been aware of this, but in the original Pac-Man the four different ghosts had different goals to trying to defeat you as a team. The aggressor would try to follow the shortest path to you, making you directly avoid him. The interceptor would try to go to a junction that was closest to where you would have to move to avoid the aggressor. A second interceptor would try to stay more towards the middle and try to cut you off from using the tunnel through the sides. The last ghost would sort of wander aimlessly about which often kept him staying in a section you needed to finish the map. This kind of detailed AI was quite advanced for games of that time, and should give you a good challenge for your first game with enemy AI. Pac-Man also increases the complexity of maps, and adds a good deal more flexibility for using sounds, as sound was certainly a crucial elements to the success of Pac-Man. (After all, what would Pac-Man be without some sort of “wakka-wakka” sound?)

Get Out The Polish…

Finishing a game does not merely mean you get it to a point where it is playable, and then move on, this is not a finished game. A finished game will have an opening screen, a closing screen, menu options (if applicable, at least instructions on how to play and start), introduction screens to playing, reward screens and a score board (where applicable).


If you couldn’t put your game in an 80’s arcade game and not be able to tell it doesn’t belong just by the modes it goes through (minus the attract mode or demo mode), then your game is not finished.

There is a big difference between a game that is “bare bones”, and a game you have put all the finishing touches on. This difference will be a matter of a couple of days to two weeks (depending on the size of the game). It will get increasingly (sometimes exponentially) more involved as you move from Tetris to Breakout and so on. The result, though, will be very important, both to terms of your understanding game development, and your own pride in your work and satisfaction/fulfillment. (Accomplishment does wonders for self-esteem!)

Be proud of your games!

You don’t hear people in college embarrassed about being in college because they don’t have a job yet. You are learning, and making even a simple game is hard, especially if you want it done WELL. This is shown clearly by all the people who have NOT made even simple games but talk about it constantly. Once you have finished a game, consider yourself to have more of a track record than anyone who have not finished a game even if their idea sounds phenomenal and like it’s up there with the latest cutting edge games. If you can’t play it, it’s not a game.

When you have a finished product you can show, you need to accept that for what it is, not what it isn’t or compare it to people with 5+ years of experience and million dollar budgets who work on games full time.